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this collection specifies what our affiliates can get 15% cut of and what they can't...
Daily Gold - Stress Relief
Redmond Rock Crushed with Garlic - NEW
Daily Gold Stress Relief Syringe
Redmond Rock on a Rope (3-5 lb)
Redmond Rock Crushed - Equine Minerals
Daily Red - Fortified Mineral Mix
Red Edge - Equine Poultice
Large Redmond Rock on a Rope (7-10 lbs)
First Aid for Horses
Redmond Rock 7-10 lbs
Rein Water - Hydration For Horses
Redmond Travel Pack
Redmond Equine - Distressed Hat (red)
Redmond Rock 3-5 lbs
Redmond Rock (3-5 lb) - Case of 10
Goat Mineral - 5lb pouch

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