Daily Red - Fortified Mineral Mix
Daily Red - Fortified Mineral Mix
Daily Red - Fortified Mineral Mix
Daily Red - Fortified Mineral Mix
Daily Red - Fortified Mineral Mix
Daily Red - Fortified Mineral Mix

Daily Red - Fortified Mineral Mix

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Concerned your horse may not be getting an adequate supply of essential nutrients?

Daily Red is a natural equine sea salt supplement that delivers a complete balance of essential minerals.  It begins with 63 minerals that come naturally in Redmond salt, and to that we add vitamins A, D and E and a boosted mineral formulation to promote peak health and performance in your horse.

Guaranteed analysis - Calcium 3% - 4%, Phosphorus 1.5% min, Salt 76% - 81%, Magnesium .06% min, Potassium 03% min, Sulfur .07% min, Zinc 3500 ppm min, Manganese 1000 ppm min, Iron 300 ppm min, Copper 300 ppm min, Iodine 110 ppm min, Selenium 30 ppm min, Cobalt 50 ppm min, Fit A 100,000 IU/lb min, Via D 3,500 IU/lb min, Vit E 50 IU/lb min Ingredients: Unrefined Salt, Calcite, Dicalcium Phosphate, Sodium Selenite, Zinc oxide, Zinc Sulfate, Manganous Oxide, Manganous Sulfite, Cobalt Carbonate, Ethylendiamine Dihydriodide (EDDI), Organic Vegetable Oil, Vitamin A Supplement, Vitamin D Supplement, and Vitamin E Supplement.

How is Daily Red Different?

Most supplements contain grain products, sweeteners and artificial flavors and colors (like that blue salt block we all see).  At Redmond we enjoy providing just what your horse needs and eliminating as many of the unnecessary ingredients as possible.  We have done that again with Daily Red.  Our Daily Red horse mineral contains no grain products, no sweeteners and no artificial flavors or colorings.  It is just what your horse needs:  100% unrefined mineral sea salt with 63 minerals, an added mineral package and vitamins A, D and E.  Simple.

What does Daily Red do? 

It takes the guesswork out of meeting your horse's mineral needs! Daily Red provides a full complement of all major trace minerals, plus key vitamins to support the immune system, vision, bones, muscles and nerves. With Daily Red your horse will achieve more vitality and a healthier appearance overall.

What horses will benefit?

Daily Red is particularly well-suited for stall-bound horses, hard-working horses, nutritionally depleted horses, pregnant mares and growing foals.

 How do I use it?

Feed two ounces (two scoops) of Daily Red per day, per horse, for a full-sized horse. (See the pouch for other feeding amounts.) Simply top dress it on your horse’s feed, or feed separately, free choice. For best results, don’t feed Daily Red in combination with other salt blocks.

How long does it last?

If fed daily using the typical feeding amount (two scoops), one tub of Daily Red will last 40 days.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Lora M.
Our go to mineral mix

During the colder months (October - April) I switch my gelding from the crushed with garlic to Daily Red to make sure that as he spends more time in his stall / run, and as our grass dies out that he is getting all the vitamins and minerals he needs to stay happy and healthy!
It is our second year on Daily Red and I can’t say good enough things, it’s also a great product if you have horses that stop drinking enough water in the winters like mine does, it really feels like a magical product.
I pair this mix with Daily Gold and a rock on a rope to really give my horse the best of the best.

Melodie Thompson

I love this product! My horses won't lick a salt block so this way I put it in their food and I know they are getting what they need!

My horses lick the pan clean every day!

I prefer putting out loose mineral mixes in a pan near my barn water trough rather than dosing in feed. This way, they will consume what they need, if they need it. Each morning, I put out 1 cup in a large flat pan for 4 horses and it is licked nearly clean by the evening feeding. They do consume more of this mineral in the summer than the winter but not by much.

Phoebe Rowan

Daily Red - Fortified Mineral Mix

Tessa Wood
Clean Nutrition

My horse has osteoarthritis and cannot be fed grains. He’s on a grain-free diet that includes a clean feed regime that is not a complete feed. He got diffident with other supplements. NOT this one! Autoimmune triggered illnesses like this need special attention. And this is an important part of my regime.

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