First Aid for Horses
First Aid for Horses
First Aid for Horses
First Aid for Horses
First Aid for Horses
First Aid for Horses

First Aid for Horses

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Natural Wound Care for Horses

Is your horse suffering from painful bites, sores, cuts, or burns? Redmond First Aid clay heals superficial horse injuries by sealing wounds, drawing out infection, repelling flies, and preventing proud flesh. Make First Aid your first choice for natural healing.


Promotes a clean, rapid repair and prevents proud flesh from forming.


Our hydrated bentonite clay soothes on contact and pulls heat and bacteria from infected wounds.


Acts as an antiseptic and creates a protective barrier against bacteria and flies.


First Aid wound healing cream is an add-on in our Foundational Horse Care Program and a must-have in your barn and saddlebag. Complete your program with other Redmond favorites for best results.

Step 1 - Daily Gold

Step 2 - Crushed Rock

Step 3 - Free-Choice Rock

Foundational Horse Care Program

Learn how First Aid also offers quick relief for humans! Use it to soothe insect bites, rashes from stinging plants, or burns on your own skin.

First aid for everything


First Aid for Horses is easy to apply! Just mound a thick layer over your horse’s wound and continue applying once or twice daily. A wrap can also be used to keep the clay moist and protect the wound. The clay will seal the affected area, draw out infection, repel flies and bacteria, and leave a clean repair.

First Aid Natural Wound Healing Cream


Bentonite, also known as montmorillonite, is an age-old healing clay with incredibly diverse curative properties. Some call it Mother Nature’s pharmacy. We call it the “clay of a thousand uses.” Redmond bentonite in particular excels at healing sores, rope burns, cuts, and bites on horses.



Hydrated Sodium Calcium Aluminosilicate


How do I apply First Aid?

Rinse any dirt and debris from the wound. Once dry, mound First Aid ¼- to ½-inch thick over the wound and taper it toward the edges. This helps seal the wound and keep the clay in place.

Should I wrap the wound after applying First Aid?

Yes, if possible. It’s best to cover First Aid with gauze and wrap the wound with vet wrap. This keeps the clay hydrated and protects the wound from further injury. If wrapping the wound isn’t feasible, that’s okay. Just reapply First Aid two to three times a day until the area is healed. Don’t worry about removing dried First Aid before reapplying; simply mound more clay over the top.

What if my horse licks off First Aid?

First Aid is completely natural, so if your horse eats it, no worries! The ingredients in First Aid are purified water and bentonite clay. That’s it. So it’s not only safe, but good! Our clay contains natural minerals and detoxifying abilities that benefit horses.

How long should First Aid be left in place?

If it’s applied without being wrapped, the clay will likely stay in place for an hour or two before sluffing off. Just reapply First Aid two to three times daily to encourage the healing process.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Bethany Dorris
Great product!

I love this stuff! Works greats for all kinds of wounds!

Steve Weidner
First Aid

The horse was hot and it melted off the horse other wise seemed to help heel

Kristina Mullen
The Only First Aid Ointment I Use

I have been using this amazing product for years on everything from scrapes, cuts, open wounds, scabs and wrapped wounds. I have used this product on myself for bug bites and stings, and it really does relieve pain and itchiness. I love that this is super easy to apply, doesn't smell or sting, can be used around their mouth and legs, and the simple ingredients! I can't recommend this product enough!

Hi Kristina,
Thank you for choosing Redmond Equine and sharing your feedback. Safely and effectively being able to use a product on you AND you horse is peace of mind that just can't be described! We look forward to serving you again.

Jennifer Marinacci

I love this product for general first aid use! Allows healing from the inside out, protects from flys and does not sting when applied.

Michelle B
I love having this on hand

I have used this product on my mare. When she lays down and gets up ,she sometimes cuts the front part of her pastern. I wash off the areas, dry them and then apply. I know the cut is protected and able to heal with out infection and keep the flys out !

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