Red Edge - Equine Poultice
Red Edge - Equine Poultice
Red Edge - Equine Poultice

Red Edge - Equine Poultice

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Bentonite Clay Poultice for Horses

Looking for a natural solution to reduce swelling in your horse’s legs? Draw out inflammation and swelling with Red Edge equine poultice. Redmond bentonite clay keeps legs cool and tight before exercise and reduces swelling and soreness after. Give your horse the leading edge with Red Edge.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Marti Perry

Love the products, and rapid shipping!

Causes Hair Loss

Our horse was kicked in the chest, the vet told us to use a poultice so we chose this one as it said it helps with fluid and it was natural. We put it on in the evening and have to wash off with soap to get it all off during the day due to the heat. After 2 days of using this our horse is losing hair where the poultice was applied. I am usually a fan of Redmond but I’m not 100% sold on this product. I didn’t want to burn the horse and have more hair loss so I have not used this again on his chest.

Great product!

Another amazing Redmond product!

Jodie Goalen
Love the clay!

Great natural product! I love that is has none of that artificial stuff!

Natural AMAZING healing properties

We've been using clay for years. Redmond brings our love for clay to a whole new level.
We have some friends that use the clay poultice on their horses and it makes them recover quicker and heals them faster than anything else!

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