Rein Water - Hydration For Horses
Rein Water - Hydration For Horses
Rein Water - Hydration For Horses

Rein Water - Hydration For Horses

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Does your horse stop drinking when stressed or traveling away from home?

Rein in dehydration with Rein Water. Our great-tasting, natural electrolyte encourages drinking and helps your horse stay hydrated and healthy at home or on the road.


Guaranteed Analysis - Calcium 2.2% - 2.7%, Phosphorous .03% min, Salt 46% - 51%, Magnesium .43%, Potassium .35%, Sulfur .07%, Copper 11 ppm, Iodine 10 ppm, Iron 2200 ppm, Manganese 202 ppm, Zinc 17 ppm Ingredients: Unrefined Salt, Sodium Calcium Aluminosilicate


This all natural powder drink additive that encourages horses to drink more while providing them with natural electrolytes. The natural ingredients come from Redmond’s mineral deposits in Central Utah and are brought to you in their natural, unrefined state, full of beneficial minerals.


Unrefined salt, sodium calcium alumninosilicate

Directions  for use

Mix 2 scoops (2 oz.) of Rein Water in a bucket with about 4 gallons of fresh water. Always provide a separate water source with fresh water.

Contents will settle to the bottom of the bucket. but your horse is still getting the benefits of the minerals that are absorbed in the water. Once finished, there will be some silt left over at the bottom of the bucket. Rinse it out and start over.

2 scoops for 4 gallons of water

We understand that your horse might be ignoring his water altogether, so we suggest adding Rein Water to his feed. This will help trigger his desire to drink.

How long does one pouch last?

If you’re filling a new bucket every day, this 5 lb pouch will last about 6 weeks.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Barbara Progess
Good as a choice only

I tried this on my competition mare (dressage) and she gobbled it down the first time and then she stopped drinking it. With 46% salt I think this adds electrolytes but when the horse is balanced their PRIMARY water source should be fresh water. The instructions say to keep fresh water available but if a horse gets too much salt he will just bloat out by drinking too much water. I gave this 3 stars because some people may try to put this into their primary water and that would be a big mistake. I would certainly keep a bucket of this alongside my fresh water at competitions. I will keep a bag in the trailer for that purpose.

Lora Muse
Instant success

Our area is currently being hit with a massive heat wave that will last 7 days straight! The first night of extreme temperatures I went to check on my gelding and he was sweating far more than usual and this made me feel concerned.
I mixed up some rein water in a separate 5 gallon bucket and by morning time it was GONE!

I’ve now made him 3 buckets today alone! Safe to say rein water works. :)

Has my picky horse finishing his grain

I have a very picky 2yr old shetland stallion that use to not finish his grain or eat his hay well.
I got him the stomach medicine he needed but as a powder he was refusing it and eating even less.

So I bought a sample pack of rein water when it was on sale and mixed it with the water I use to soak my guys grain. He actually finished his entire grain portion with the stomach supplement added 2 days in a row!

I now stress less about keeping him hydrated and eating.

Rachael Kernan

I am absolutely amazed by this product. Every time I take my horse to a barrel race she never drinks water after a run. Instead of putting it in the water because I knew she doesn’t drink. I fed it to her a few hours before in her feed and she drinks atleast a whole bucket now after each run!

Dusdee Shepperson
This works!

We had a injured steer we put in with the roping calves. They had a full tub of water but he couldnt get to it. We put a tub by him and I put Rein Water in it. All the calves came and drank his water!
We had 1000 mile trip and one horse never drinks well. I put two buckets in each pen and Rein Water in one bucket in each pen. The horses all drank the bucket with Rein Water first.

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