Daily Gold - Stress Relief (25lbs.)
Daily Gold - Stress Relief (25lbs.)

Daily Gold - Stress Relief (25lbs.)

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Is your horse struggling with painful ulcers, digestive discomfort or diarrhea?



Take the burn out of poor equine digestion with Daily Gold Stress Relief. It helps your horse get back to health by buffering acid, soothing stomach upset and repairing ulcers.

Great value! 25 lb bucket of Daily Gold Stress Relief.

What does it do?

Daily Gold has a way with digestive issues. Unique molecules attract and bind toxins that cause stomach trouble while its high pH helps take the burn out of acidic ulcers and sores. Horses with ulcer symptoms really benefit from Daily Gold.

How do I use it?

Just add Daily Gold to your feed. For best results, mix it with the feed so your horse is sure to get it.

How long does this 25 lb. bucket last?

If you're using 2 scoops a day, it will last you about 6 months.

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