Mineral Sample Pack
Mineral Sample Pack
Mineral Sample Pack
Mineral Sample Pack

Mineral Sample Pack

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Concerned your horse may not be getting an adequate supply of essential nutrients on the road?

Meet the Mineral Sample Pack! With over 60 minerals and added vitamins to boost horse health and performance, this pack is just the thing to nourish and hydrate your horse on your next road trip!

The Mineral Sample Pack includes:

  • 3-5lb Rock on a Rope
  • 5 Daily Red sample packs
  • 5 Rein Water sample packs
  • Daily Red Info Card
  • Redmond Equine sticker
  • Free 2oz Redmond Real Salt shaker 


What's in the Pack

  • - 1 3-5lb Rock on a Rope
  • - 5 Daily Red sample packs
  • - 5 Rein Water sample packs
  • - Daily Red Info Card
  • - Redmond Equine sticker
  • - Free 2oz Redmond Real Salt shaker


Adequate Supply of Nutrients

Are you worried your horse isn't getting his adequate supply of essential nutrients? This combination of Daily Red, Rein Water, and Redmond Rock is just the thing to calm your worries. These natural equine sea salt supplements deliver a complete balance of essential minerals. Daily Red begins with 63 minerals that come naturally in Redmond salt, and to that we add vitamins A, D and E and a boosted mineral formulation to promote peak health and performance in your horse. Rein Water and Redmond Rock keep your horse drinking and hydrated.


Take it all in your trailer and on-the-go.

Discount Code

Use code mineralize to get $10 off first sample purchase. Get Free Shipping with every sample pack purchase!


Stir Rein Water into a bucket of 4 gallons fresh water. Contents will settle, but your horse will still benefit from the trace minerals absorbed in the water. Some silt may remain in the bucket when water is gone. Just rinse and start over! Always provide your horse with fresh water separate from Rein Water. Is your horse ignoring water altogether? Try adding Rein Water to its feed to trigger a desire to drink.

Daily Red Feeding Instructions:

Top dress Daily Red on feed to ensure your horse consumes a full serving. Can be fed free choice.


Include Redmond Rock as a free-choice salt and mineral supplement in your horse’s pasture or stall. Always provide your horse access to fresh water.


Unrefined Mineral Salt


Unrefined Mineral Salt, Sodium Calcium Aluminosilicate

Daily Red Ingredients:

Unrefined Mineral Salt, Calcite, Dicalcium Phosphate, Sodium, Selenite, Zinc Oxide, Zinc Sulfate, Manganous Oxide, Cobalt Carbonate, Ethylenediamine Dihydroiodide (EDDI), Organic Vegetable Oil, Vitamin A Supplement, Vitamin D Supplement, and Vitamin E Supplement

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sample packs

Love them!! makes traveling so much easier to not have to pack the whole bag!

Karson Brooks

A great way to test and see if my girl would eat it, being that she’s picky and she absolutely loves it! :)
Already helping her after a scare with Sand Colic get all the minerals she’s been needing!

Keely Reynolds

The rain water is such a staple in my girls lives now, with this heat wave effecting Louisiana, I’m making sure they’re taking in as much water as possible. The hanging mineral rocks are clearly high quality & solid density wise, truly getting a bang for your buck. And the trace minerals are an essential! I’ve been personally using the crushed garlic trace minerals, so the sample packets I handed out to a couple of other people at the barn for them to try. I can’t say enough good things about Redmond, from the top notch quality to the super friendly customer support & especially the pricing, Redmond can’t be beat! They definitely have a new loyal customer!!

Melissa Unruh
Great trial pack!

Great way to see what Redmond is all about! My animals love the salt block but haven’t tried the packs…

Audra Broach
Love the products!

Fantastic products. These products kept my horses more relaxed and hydrated at our last show!

Audra, Thanks for sharing your love for Redmond products! Relaxed and hydrated at a show is exactly what we love to hear! We wish you and your horses all the best. You may want to check out our Daily Gold Electrolyte Paste Syringes to restore balance quickly and easily.

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