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  • Wholesale prices on all products you purchase from our web store.
  • 15% discount for clients.
  • 15% commission on client sales.
  • Product education that helps you understand how our products may help your clients
  • First access to new Redmond products.
  • Product samples upon request. Redmond hat after 5 uses of your affiliate code.
  • Hands-on support to help you get the most from our affiliate program and products.


  • Use Redmond products in your barn/program. (if applicable)
  • Your code must be used within 90 days of when you’re accepted into the program.
  • Your code (wholesale and/or client discount code) needs to be used at least 10 times a year.
  • We want to hear the good news! Share with us a product success story twice a year
  • Must be 18 years old.

"I want the horses I train to go home and win and for the owners to enjoy them. The owner’s success is a win for me. That's why I recommend Redmond products."


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