Daily Gold Fiber Bites (27lb)

Daily Gold Fiber Bites (27lb)

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Daily Gold Fiber Bites is a natural supplement that buffers acid, improves digestion, and repairs equine ulcers. It delivers all the benefits of Daily Gold Stress Relief, but in easy-to-feed bites. Our low starch, high-fiber formula is perfect for ulcer-prone horses and comes in tasty tidbits they love! Take the burn out of poor digestion and help your horse get back to good health. 

Daily Gold Fiber Bites is an equine supplement that delivers all the benefits of Daily Gold Stress Relief, but in flavorful, easy-to-feed bites.  

New Palatable Formula. Contains Daily Gold Stress Relief and ProFiber Plus™, a low-starch, high-fiber formula that’s appetizing and ulcer friendly. Your horse will love these tasty tidbits! 

Helps Heal Ulcers.  Buffers gastric acid and allows painful ulcers to heal naturally.  

Provides Stress Relief. Coats and soothes the stomach, helping horses focus and relax. 

Aids Digestive Health. Attracts and binds toxins that cause digestive trouble and loose manure. 

Delivers Key Minerals. Redmond-brand montmorillonite clay delivers 60+ essential horse minerals. 

Natural Ingredients. Our simple and effective formula contains no artificial flavors, sugars, or fillers. 

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