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Daily Gold Pellets

Daily Gold Pellets

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Description: Daily Gold Fiber delivers all the health and calming benefits of Daily Gold Stress Relief, but in flavorful, easy-to-feed bites. Our low-starch, high-fiber formula is perfect for ulcer-prone horses and picky eaters. It buffers acid, improves digestion, and naturally repairs equine ulcers. Horses love this new palatable formula! 


Highly Palatable. New low-starch, high-fiber formula is fragrant, appetizing for horses, and gut friendly. 

Digestion Aid. Resolves common problems like diarrhea and equine ulcers, while high fiber content promotes a healthy digestive tract. 

Stress Relief. Redmond bentonite clay helps your horse feel better and focus by naturally healing digestive issues that create discomfort and anxiety. 

Natural Minerals. Delivers 60+ essential minerals your horse needs to perform well, look great, and live heathier.  

Simple Ingredients. Natural, effective ingredients with no artificial flavors, sugars, or fillers. It’s safe for every horse in your barn, including pregnant mares.  

Ingredients: Alfalfa stems and montmorillonite clay. 

Feeding Instructions: Feed 1 pound (about 3 cups) daily to full-grown horses, and ½ pound (1 ½ cups) to small horses and ponies. For best results, soak Daily Gold Fiber before feeding. Also safe to feed with a Redmond Rock Crushed mineral product. 

Customer Reviews

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Lora M
Horses new favorite

My gelding loves these pellets! For 2 years he didn’t mind the powder but then suddenly he was snubbing it. I had him try these upon their first launch and just hadn’t reordered as I wanted to finish the powder.

So happy to have him on these again! He just gobbles everything up. The only downside I’d say is the price for the amount fed, but at a cost breakdown that’s $2.36 dollars a day to ensure a happy gut. Maybe in the future it could come down in cost a little. :)

Hi Lora, We are thrilled to hear your horse's gut is happy! Redmond Equine is currently working on a solution for the cost of pellet as well as a way to get them to you at a better price. Watch for updates !

Michele Hutchison
Excellent product

My horses eat these pellets with no problems at all. I mix them in with their soaked beet pellets for the moisture. I am hoping that ingredients are good for their gut health and lower their chance of getting gas colic. So far so good!

Bailey Wallis
Great for the picky eaters!

This is perfect for the picky powder eaters who eat everything except the supplements that are powder which remain at the bottom of the buckets. My picky ones eat it right up either mixed in with grain or from my hand.

Megan Bailey

The only thing I can say negative is the price for 15 days if your feeding at the proper weight.

Megan Bailey

The only thing I can say negative is the price for 15 days if your feeding at the proper weight.

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