Daily Gold Stress Relief Syringe
Daily Gold Stress Relief Syringe
Daily Gold Stress Relief Syringe
Daily Gold Stress Relief Syringe
Daily Gold Stress Relief Syringe

Daily Gold Stress Relief Syringe

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Does your horse become anxious, stressed or uncooperative before competing?  

Daily Gold Quick-Relief Syringe delivers on-the-spot relief to calm pre-race jitters by buffering stomach acid and helping your horse feel more relaxed, comfortable and focused. Quick Relief Syringe offers fast relief for faster times.  When would I use the Daily Gold syringe?

  • Extra protection prior to or during stressful situations, such as: trailering, competing, moving, etc.
  • A quick way of dosing at the first notice of symptoms associated with a sore stomach or colic.
  • A way to alleviate ulcer pain by lining the stomach.
  • Pre-ride calming so you can have a great ride.
Guaranteed analysis - active ingredients: Calcium 3% - 4%, Phosphorus .04% min, Salt 2.5% - 3.5%, Magnesium .8% min, Potassium .7% min, Sulfur .08% min, Copper 29 ppm min, Manganese 400 ppm min Inactive Ingredients: Water, Hydrated Sodium Calcium Aluminosilicate, Peppermint Oil


Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Lora M
I basically hoard these!

These are the single best calming-on-the-spot aid I’ve ever used! It truly works for how small the ingredients list is (which I love!)

I like to keep a few of these on hand because they’re so useful for the planned, and the unplanned, stressful moments, it isn’t just for pre-race time! I am not a barrel racer either, I use these as a regular horse owner for big and small occasions, and plan to keep them handy come show season.

They smell like peppermint which I really enjoy! The medicine smell on pastes can really get old.

I would 100% recommend using this paste in conjunction with the daily gold, to me, the daily gold is something we will never go without!

Shannon Ehrhardt
Amazing Product!!!!

Just recently I decided to try Redmonds pre-race paste on my gelding because he had gate issues and the nerves would get the best of him and he wasnt running like I knew he could. After hearing all the good reviews on this pre-race paste, I went ahead and bought my first tube. The result were incredible!! My gelding walked calmly into the arena every time I asked with no fuss and ran beautiful runs!! I will definitely be purchasing this product again!! Its worth every penny!

miranda kent

We worked with redmond this year and handed out these as samples in Canada. The feed back we received was absolutely amazing everyone was in aw with the quality of the product and they were truly amazed by it's effectiveness. We used it with a mare that had ulcer issues and it really helped with the problem and the daily gold stress relief in her grain. This company does fantastic work.

Ashley M.
Always love my Redmond products!!

Always love my Redmond products!! Stress relief and the rock on a ropes are my favorite! I used the syringe on race day to keep my anxious geldings gut happy and I believe it made a big difference!

Wendy R.
This product is really helping

This product is really helping a horse that was a bit of a hard keeper! He is less anxious and has more energy in a good way!

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