Stress Relief Sample Pack
Stress Relief Sample Pack

Stress Relief Sample Pack

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Is your horse struggling with painful ulcers, digestive discomfort or diarrhea?

Take the burn out of poor equine digestion with Daily Gold Stress Relief. It helps your horse get back to health by buffering acid, soothing stomach upset and repairing ulcers.

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Want to try it first?  This is your chance. 

Order a 1 week sample pack and start getting your horse back today.  We want you satisfied so If you do not see a difference we will refund you the money.  The risk is on us! 

Pack is worth over $30

Give Daily Gold a try today!

Whats in the pack?

  1. 1 week sample of Daily Gold 
  2. pre-race paste syringe
  3. Info card and Redmond sticker
  4. Free Redmond Real Salt shaker for your table.

A 15% off your next order coupon code will be emailed 3 weeks after purchase.

When does it come?

We will ship it out the Monday or Thursday following your order.  It should arrive between 1-3 days after shipped.

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Cheryl Janiszewski

Stress Relief Sample Pack

Eric G.
Helped my pony's colic symtoms

Woke up earlier this week to find my pony on the ground and not wanting to eat or stay up. He looked like he was in pain and a lot of distress. I gave him 35cc of daily gold and within the hour he was up and moving around. I was able to get him to the vet and by the time we got there he had his appetite back and was drinking water. The vet stated gut sounds and vitals were looking good and just told me to monitor his condition. Gave him a second dose later that evening and he was drinking more water and finally had some much-needed bowel movements throughout the night and was back to his old self by morning.

Stacey Bruneaux
My Thoroughbred is now an easy keeper!

I started feeding Daily Gold to my OTTB over a year ago. He was treated for ulcers and was put on 3 scoops Daily Gold per day. What a change - he is happy, healthy and eats a handful of grain per day plus 2nd cut hay 3x a day. His demeanor is calmer and most people think he's a plump quarterhorse. I feed all of my horses Daily Gold and Rein Water. We love Redmond!

Carrie Derco
Noticed Positive Change

This stuff works for suspecting ulcers. I also like to use it before trailer and during/after events. I don't care to use it everyday, I do have some concern about clay building up in the system and I don't know if there is any research on how this would affect our horses long term. I have caught my horse eating clay like mud on the trail. It's a good option/tool that is effective at somewhat reasonable cost. Give it a try and see if it helps your horse too!

Danielle Williams
Easy to feed

So far so good definitely loved the paste and the results so far are amazing.

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