Mineral Sample Pack

Mineral Sample Pack

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Sample Pack includes:
  • 1x Rock on a Rope 3-5lb
  • 5 x Packets Daily Red
  • 5 x Packets RW
  • Daily Red Info Card
  • Redmond Logo sticker
  • 2oz Redmond Realsalt shaker

Concerned your horse may not be getting an adequate supply of essential nutrients?

Daily Red is a natural equine sea salt supplement that delivers a complete balance of essential minerals.  It begins with 63 minerals that come naturally in Redmond salt, and to that we add vitamins A, D and E and a boosted mineral formulation to promote peak health and performance in your horse.

Use code mineralize to get $10 off first sample purchase. Get Free Shipping with every sample pack purchase!

How is Daily Red Different?

Most supplements contain grain products, sweeteners and artificial flavors and colors (like that blue salt block we all see).  At Redmond we enjoy providing just what your horse needs and eliminating as many of the unnecessary ingredients as possible.  We have done that again with Daily Red.  Our Daily Red horse mineral contains no grain products, no sweeteners and no artificial flavors or colorings.  It is just what your horse needs:  100% unrefined mineral sea salt with 63 minerals, an added mineral package and vitamins A, D and E.  Simple.

What horses will benefit?

Daily Red is particularly well-suited for stall-bound horses, hard-working horses, nutritionally depleted horses, pregnant mares and growing foals.

How do I use it?

Feed two ounces (two scoops) of Daily Red per day, per horse, for a full-sized horse. (See the pouch for other feeding amounts.) Simply top dress it on your horse’s feed, or feed separately, free choice. For best results, don’t feed Daily Red in combination with other salt blocks.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Melissa Unruh
Great trial pack!

Great way to see what Redmond is all about! My animals love the salt block but haven’t tried the packs…

Audra Broach
Love the products!

Fantastic products. These products kept my horses more relaxed and hydrated at our last show!

Audra, Thanks for sharing your love for Redmond products! Relaxed and hydrated at a show is exactly what we love to hear! We wish you and your horses all the best. You may want to check out our Daily Gold Electrolyte Paste Syringes to restore balance quickly and easily.

Wendy T.
Love this stuff

Just received this mineral pack in the mail and can’t wait to try the Rein Water on my herd at the next event we trailer out too. Thanks Redmond Equine for making EXCELLENT products for my horses. We love the mineral blocks and the Daily Red, all 4 of our horses are on your products. PS We ONLY use the Redmond Realsalt for our poolside margaritas!👍🏻 🍹

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