Redmond Rock™ Crushed™ - Garlic
Redmond Rock™ Crushed™ - Garlic
Redmond Rock™ Crushed™ - Garlic
Redmond Rock™ Crushed™ - Garlic
Redmond Rock™ Crushed™ - Garlic
Redmond Rock™ Crushed™ - Garlic
Redmond Rock™ Crushed™ - Garlic
Redmond Rock™ Crushed™ - Garlic
Redmond Rock™ Crushed™ - Garlic
Redmond Rock™ Crushed™ - Garlic
Redmond Rock™ Crushed™ - Garlic
Redmond Rock™ Crushed™ - Garlic

Redmond Rock™ Crushed™ - Garlic

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Natural Fly Repellent

Bites and stings from pests stress your horse and can turn into painful sores. Help your horse stay comfortable during fly season with Redmond Rock Crushed with Garlic! It naturally repels flies and pesky insects and delivers 60+ trace minerals and electrolytes to support better health and hydration. Crushed with Garlic is natural nutrition and fly control you can feel good about giving your horse.


Bring peace to your barn this fly season with Crushed with Garlic loose mineral salt. It works from the inside out to keep flies away from horses and repel biting insects


Over 60 natural loose minerals nourish and support your horse for optimum health and performance.


Crushed is a proven electrolyte replacement that helps you prevent dehydration and support your horse’s energy demands.


Rich in selenium to deliver antioxidant defense and support healthy immune and thyroid function


Give your horse’s respiratory system a boost by naturally treating and preventing lung diseases and infections with garlic.


Garlic is also friendly to the gut! It promotes healthy microbiome while inhibiting harmful bacteria and parasites.

Redmond Rock Crushed with Garlic fits into step 2 of our Foundational Horse Care Program. Complete your program with other Redmond favorites for best results

Step 1 - Scoop Daily Gold

Step 2 - Scoop Crushed Rock

Step 3 - Free-Choice Rock


Add the recommended dose of Crushed with Garlic to your horse's daily feed; don’t offer free choice. We recommend starting garlic in early spring and feeding through summer and fall for best results reducing flies.

SMALL HORSE (300 - 600 LBS) - ½ to 1 Scoops
MEDIUM HORSE (600 - 1200 LBS) - 2 Scoops
LARGE HORSE (1300 - 2000 LBS) - 3 Scoops

Why Redmond Garlic is Different

Crushed with Garlic contains powerful bioidentical garlic oil. It’s highly concentrated, which means much less is needed to gain the same benefits as other garlic forms. Bioidentical oil has the same flavor and organosulfur compounds as natural garlic—but it’s consistently more bioactive and stable. Crushed Garlic is a smart, safe, and effective choice as a garlic supplement and natural loose mineral salt horses love!

Learn more Here

Unrefined Salt, Garlic Oil


Phosphorous 0.00%
Magnesium .06%
Potassium .03%
Sulphur .07%
Iodine 10ppm
Manganese 5ppm
Copper 3ppm
Zinc 1ppm


Can I feed my horse too much garlic?

The short answer is yes. Garlic is a powerful little plant with amazing healing, disease-inhibiting, and natural fly-repelling properties, but it needs to be fed in the proper amounts. We’ve taken care to ensure Crushed with Garlic serving recommendations fall within the National Research Council’s guidelines of how much garlic to feed horses. Learn More Here

Does garlic cause anemia in horses?

Yes, in rare cases garlic-induced anemia can happen. It may occur quickly if your horse is snacking on wild garlic and onions growing in pastures, or slowly because of over-supplementing. Equine studies show feeding more than 0.4 grams per kilogram body weight of freeze-dried garlic can lead to Heinz body anemia in horses. That is the equivalent of feeding a 500-kilogram (1,100-pound) horse 200 or more grams per day, which is just under half a pound. That's a lot of garlic! While this amount could easily be consumed by horses eating wild garlic, it is unlikely you would feed this amount on purpose.

What is the difference in feeding my horse garlic bulbs, garlic powder, or Redmond Garlic?

The garlic oil used in Redmond Rock Crushed with Garlic is 12x stronger than garlic alone and 25% more concentrated than gallium (a garlic additive manufactured in Italy). Redmond garlic is not a flavor, it’s a bioidentical garlic oil that acts as a functional food additive meant to improve animal health and performance. If you used dried garlic on your feed, it would cost 8-9 times more to reach the same potency of Redmond garlic, and dosage accuracy would be incredibly hard to achieve.

Is Redmond Rock Crushed with Garlic safe to use year round?

We do not recommend feeding garlic to your horse year-round. Follow appropriate Crushed with Garlic dosage instructions based on your horse’s size, and use only during fly season. (The product should be used for a maximum of 6 consecutive months.)

Can I use Redmond Rock Crushed with Garlic at the same time as other Redmond products?

We always recommend using Crushed with Garlic in combination with Daily Gold. However, Redmond Rock Crushed, Crushed with Garlic, and Daily Red are all loose mineral salts targeted to meet different needs and should not be fed together.

First time using Redmond Rock Crushed with Garlic? Here's what you need to know:

If this is your first experience with the product, here are some helpful tips:
  • 1. Start feeding Crushed with Garlic 4-6 weeks before fly season sets in for best results repelling insects.
  • 2. Feed daily to encourage hydration, deliver necessary minerals and electrolytes, and as a natural repellent for flies, mosquitoes, ticks, and other biting insects.
  • 3. Remember, you can overfeed garlic, so follow the safe dosing instructions on the package to ensure your horse reaps the benefits of garlic without any health risks.
  • 4. Redmond Rock Crushed with Garlic is not a pesticide; it is a repellent. While pests won't disappear, your horse will experience relief from flies landing, biting, and irritating.

Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Sierra Schlager
Great product

Great product but needs a scoop for recommended measuring

Mary Hunt
Love it

Absolutely love all the Redmond products

Lucinda Angle

So far it’s done amazing keeping the bugs away from my horses! I wasn’t sure they would like it, but they love it!

We are so happy to hear that your horses have a new treat! Here's to the flies flying somewhere besides your barn :)

Claudia Powell
I actually see a difference

So many products rave about their fly control and I have yet to see much change. We have been on Redmond Rock with garlic since April and have seen improvement and less fly spray being used! Super happy with it! And how much all 6 horses are drinking!

Love it

My gelding loves it. My mare does not but I mix it with some sweet feed for her. I love the garlic smell.

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